‘You can’t track my number’, thief’s message after theft

International Desk: Finding the house empty, a thief stole millions of rupees worth of jewelry from a businessman’s house at noon. But he was also satisfied with this. Instead, he threatened the businessman in a WhatsApp message and wrote ‘You can’t track my number!’

The incident took place in Surya Nagar, Barnpur, Asansol, West Burdwan district, West Bengal, India. After filing a written complaint at Hirapur police station last Saturday, the police personnel there expressed surprise. Hirapur ACP Prateek Roy said, ‘Police has started investigation. The thief will be caught soon. The investigation has progressed a lot.’

According to police sources, on January 24, several thousand rupees in cash and about 6 lakh rupees of jewelery were stolen from the house of Rajesh Gupta, a transporter resident of Suryanagar. Rajesh went to a family relative’s wedding.

Rajesh alleged that his father returned home around 2 pm and found the back door broken. Some jewelry is scattered on the way out.

He also claimed that around 9 pm on the day of the incident, he received 5 ‘messages’ on his phone’s WhatsApp.
It says, ‘Fun is the real steal. I got the money well. 6 lakh rupees. You can’t track the number. I turn on a lot. I know your entire autobiography. The eye of the devil is on everyone.’

Rajesh claims, not once, but for 3-4 consecutive nights, the thief wrote all this in a WhatsApp message! After receiving his complaint, the OC of Hirapur police station and other officials went to the spot and started investigation. The residents of the house have already been spoken to. Their answers have also been taken. Initially, the police assumed that someone familiar with the businessman’s family had committed this crime!

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According to investigators, messages were sent on WhatsApp using a special app. An investigator said, ‘The investigators are also very eager to catch this thief. Because, not only the owner of the house, but also the police have challenged the thief.

Source: News daily

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