Who will you vote for in 2024, chatgpt is telling secret information in advance?

ChatGPT Election Prediction: Where is the need for people? thoughts, thoughts? Which can not be artificial? A recent study suggests that ChatGPT can do just that, too.

It is not possible to calculate the exact number of jobs that people can do but ChatGPT cannot do in the future. Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT are seemingly writing code, composing music, and even creating photos that look like they were taken by professional photographers. ChatGPT has already said that it can handle almost 20 human-like jobs alone. So where is the need for people? thoughts, thoughts? Which can not be artificial? A recent study suggests that ChatGPT can do just that, too. This language model of artificial intelligence can answer complex questions just like a real human.

To determine the feasibility of using artificial intelligence as a substitute for humans in survey-based research, a team of political science and computer science professors and graduate students at BYU tested the accuracy of algorithms programmed in a GPT-3 language model. This language model simulates the complex relationship between people’s ideas, attitudes, and people’s sociocultural context.

In one experiment, researchers used AI to create artificial personalities by determining specific characteristics such as race, age, ideology and religiosity. Then run a strange test! Tests were made to see if these artificial individuals would vote as well as humans did in the 2012, 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections. Data from the American National Election Studies (ANES) were used in this study. Research shows there is a close connection between AI and human voting.

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The two sides are so similar that the researchers are shocked! David Wingate, professor of computer science at BYU and co-author of the study, says the topic is so interesting because the language model has not been taught or trained in political science. The language model is trained based on hundreds of billions of words of text downloaded from the Internet. But the series of data that researchers have found is so accurate that how people voted is astounding!

In another experiment, the researchers asked AI-generated artificial persons to respond from a list of options in an interview-based survey, again using ANES. And surprisingly, there is no significant difference between human and AI responses!

The topic is quite promising for researchers, business people and election researchers. Researchers envision a future where artificial intelligence can be used to create better survey questions, making them more accessible and refined. It can also be used for surveys, slogans and taglines to reach more people.

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AI can help researchers understand people better, says political science professor Ethan Busby. According to him, artificial intelligence is not replacing humans but helping humans to know them better. AI is not replacing human work, but augmenting human capabilities.

The potential for these large language models is naturally intriguing. But the rise of artificial intelligence raises many questions, the essence of which is – how much does AI really know? Which populations will benefit from this technology and which will be negatively affected? How can people protect themselves from scammers and fraudsters who may use AI to create more sophisticated ‘scams’?

So many questions cannot be answered right now. It is clear, however, that language models can be wrong and sometimes they can be biased. As a result, only after surveying artificial people will the real information be completely matched or there will be no need to survey real people and tell their thoughts.

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