Where is Mahi’s husband Rakib?

Entertainment Desk: Actress Mahia Mahi landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on a Bangladesh Biman flight at 10:50 am on Saturday (March 18) after performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Soon after landing, he was arrested in a case filed under the Digital Security Act. Although Mahi came to the country, her husband Rakib Sarkar has not returned to the country yet.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP) arrested Mahi from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport area around 11:30 am on Saturday (March 18). Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam confirmed the matter.

Earlier, Mahi, who had gone to perform Umrah with her husband, came to Facebook Live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia early on Friday (March 17). On Live, Mahia Mahi complained that her husband businessman-Awami League leader Rakib Sarkar’s car showroom was attacked and vandalized. In that Facebook Live, he also accused the police of ‘attempting to take possession of the land to the opponent through bribery’. Meanwhile, the police filed a case against Mahi and her husband Rakib Sarkar under the Digital Security Act for spreading defamatory information on Facebook Live.

The case was registered at Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP) Basan police station on Friday (March 17) night. Rakib Sarkar is the main accused in the case and Mahia Mahi is the second accused.

Actress Mahia Mahi has been arrested in a case filed under the Digital Security Act for allegedly spreading defamatory information on social media Facebook Live, but her husband Rakib Sarkar is yet to return home. It is believed that Mahi’s husband did not come to the country to avoid arrest. However, his whereabouts are yet to be ascertained.

Earlier, Rakib Sarkar said about Mahi on Facebook Live that he has a car showroom called ‘Soniraj Car Palace’ on the east side of Alam Government College at Bhawal Badr in Gazipur city. Locals Ismail Hossain and Mamun Sarkar attacked the showroom at around five in the morning on Friday. The attackers broke the gate of the showroom and entered and took away various furniture, glass doors and windows, vandalized tables and chairs and removed the signboard of the showroom. Ransacked office premises and looted money. When Rakib Sarkar’s people rushed to the spot after receiving the news, the miscreants escaped.

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Rakib Sarkar alleged on live that the GMP police are trying to seize the land in favor of Ismail by taking a bribe of Rs. In this regard, Ismail Hossain said, ‘Raqib Sarkar demanded one crore taka from me in exchange for giving up the land. Why should I give one and a half crore to the police where the problem is solved by paying one crore taka? If the police is on my side, why am I beaten today, why did I go to the Minister of Liberation War Affairs and the Minister of Home Affairs and complained.’

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