WhatsApp’s new feature lets you fix wrong messages without deleting them

Own report: The most popular messaging app in the world is Meta WhatsApp. The usage of this app is increasing day by day due to its many features and ease of use. Also the reason behind the increase in usage of this app is its security features. Also day by day this app is increasing in popularity mainly due to new features.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is constantly experimenting with customer preferences. It is in view of that testing that they introduce new features for customers. Similarly, this time they have come up with a feature so that users don’t have to worry about sending wrong messages. No need to delete by sending the wrong message.

The company has brought message edit option for its customers. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced this. However, this feature has not yet reached every user. But it is believed that this feature will reach the users very soon i.e. when the new update comes.

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After this new feature, if a user has sent a wrong message, he will have 15 minutes to correct it. You can edit and resend the wrong message within 15 minutes. But it will be understood whether a user is editing the message and sending it. Because in that case EDITED will be written next to the message.

Now the question is how to edit wrong messages sent on WhatsApp. After the new feature is rolled out, you have to click on the wrong message. Click on it to get the edit option. After that, users can correct their mistakes and send the correct message to the customer. The company has been experimenting with bringing this feature for a long time and it was decided to bring it to the users’ app only after achieving success in those experiments.

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