WhatsApp Chat Lock: No one will know your secret! Learn how to lock your WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp Chat Lock: The secret will now remain secret. The popular social messaging platform WhatsApp has launched such surprising features. Consumers have been waiting for something like this for a long time. That opportunity has now come within the reach of WhatsApp users. From now on, there will be no more trouble of leaking WhatsApp’s secret conversations. Even if your wife fiddles with the phone in your absence, your heartbeat will no longer increase.

These awesome features will be extremely effective in protecting your privacy. New features have been introduced to bring additional benefits to WhatsApp users in their chats. Chat lock feature has been introduced in this popular messaging platform. Through which you can lock important conversations. No third person can trace it. That chat won’t even be in the inbox.

Until now, there was a fear of the conversation being leaked in the case of chatting. As a solution to all those fears and complaints, the Meta-owned messaging platform has introduced new features. It is known that users can select and lock the chats they want to protect. Those chats will no longer be visible in the inbox. will be stored in a separate folder.

Apart from the chat being locked, all the messages and notifications of that chat will also be automatically hidden. According to the company, there are many users who share their phones with family members. There is also the fear that when handing over the phone to another person, they will not be able to access a particular chat on WhatsApp. All those chats can be locked by password or biometrics. Chats will be saved in that folder until the chat is unlocked.

But how to lock WhatsApp chat? Know the simple method. To turn on this feature, you must first update WhatsApp to the latest version. Then open the app and tap on the chat you want to lock. Then a lock option will appear and you can lock it with password or fingerprint by selecting it.

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