What Trump wrote in the first status after returning to Facebook

Former US President Donald Trump has returned to Facebook after more than two years of ban.

“I’m back,” Donald Trump said in his first nightly status a few weeks after the ban was lifted. Added an old video in which he says, ‘Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. Complex work.’ Trump gave this status after 2:00 pm Bangladesh time on Friday.

The same video has also been posted on YouTube. On Friday, YouTube also informed that new content can be uploaded to Donald Trump’s channel. YouTube announced the launch of the channel from Friday morning.

The ban on Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram was lifted on February 9. Meta, the company that owns the two platforms, reported this information.

Following the loss of the presidential election, on January 6, 2021, Facebook shut down Instagram after Republican supporters rioted on Capitol Hill in the United States.

News: Times of India.

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