What Gazipur Police Commissioner said about the arrest of Mahi

entertainment desk: After the arrest of actress Mahia Mahi, Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam said, ‘Mahia Mahi has made false comments on Facebook Live about the police department, Gazipur Metropolitan Police in land related incidents. He also commented on the opponent. He has no right to comment on such an institution.’

He said these things in a press conference at Gazipur Metropolitan Police office on Saturday (March 18) at 1:15 pm.

Nazrul Islam said, ‘Police has filed a case against Mahi under the Digital Security Act. His adversaries have filed a case of disorderly deterioration in land related matters. Mahi was arrested from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport around 12:15.

He said that the accused Sajjad Hossain Sohag, Ashiqur Rahman, Fahim Hossain Hriday, Jewel Rahman, Jamsher Ali, Mostak Ahmed, Khalid Saifullah Julhas, Sujan Mondal and Mahbub Hasan Sabbir were arrested and sent to court in the case filed by Mahi’s opponent.

The commissioner said, ‘There are three cases of weapons, murder and rape against Mahi’s husband Rakib Sarkar. No one testified in those cases. But the facts were true. But now there is an opportunity to re-investigate the cases and take evidence. Apart from this, various complaints are constantly coming to us against Rakib.

Mahi went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah Hajj with her husband Rakib Sarkar. Rakib did not return home with Mahi. He is the joint general secretary of Basan Thana Awami League of Gazipur city.

The Gazipur Metropolitan Police registered a case under the Digital Security Act against Mahi and her husband on Friday (March 17) night. Sub-Inspector (SI) of Basan police station Rokon Mia filed the case as the plaintiff.

Apart from this, local resident Ismail Hossain filed another case against them on the charge of land grabbing.

Earlier on Friday morning, Mahi, who was performing Umrah with her husband, accused Rakib’s car showroom of vandalism and attack on Facebook Live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

At that time she claimed that her husband has a car showroom called ‘Soniraj Car Palace’ on the east side of Alam Government College in Bhawal Badr. Miscreants attacked there. They broke the gate of the showroom and entered and vandalized the furniture, doors and windows, tables and chairs. The signboard of the showroom has been opened. The office ransacked and looted money.

Mahi alleged that the attack was carried out under the leadership of Ismail Hossain alias Laden and Mamun Sarkar. At that time, he accused Gazipur Metropolitan Police of taking ‘bribe’ on Facebook.

Local resident Ismail Hossain held a press conference after Mahir’s Facebook Live. He counter-charged in the press conference and said that Rakib occupied about 11 percent of his land and made a car showroom. He has complained about this to various departments of the government starting from the Home Minister.

Actress Mahia Mahi was arrested for that reason

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