What exactly is in the new parliament building! What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Own report: Disagreement is going on between the political parties regarding the inauguration of the New Parliament Building. Most of the opposition political parties unitedly announced not to attend the inauguration ceremony. On the other hand, after this announcement, a statement was also made by the counter NDA. In this situation, many questions are circulating among the people of the country about the new parliament building. One of those questions is, why was the address changed instead of rebuilding the old parliament building?

Breaking the chains of colonialism, the new parliament building is going to be a symbol of self-reliance. The new building was built with the efforts of 60,000 workers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will honor those workers who broke the chains of the 96-year-old Parliament building and shed sweat at the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

Looking at the old parliament building, it is known that the building was built in 1927. At first it was not a parliament building but a council house. which was inaugurated by the Viceroy Lord Irwin. After India gained independence, this Council House became the Parliament House. The new parliament building was built on the idea of ​​a bicameral legislature and was designed accordingly. Also, with the construction of the new parliament building, multiple possibilities are also increasing.

After 1976, the number of Lok Sabha members did not increase. At present the number of Lok Sabha members in the country is 552. With the new parliament building, the possibility of increasing the number of Lok Sabha members in the future is increasing. Because according to the constitution, one Lok Sabha member will be behind 10 lakh voters. As compared to 1976, the country’s population and the number of voters have increased a lot. According to the calculation, currently the number of voters in the country is 88 crores. Accordingly, the number of Lok Sabha members in the country should be 880. It could be extended in 2026 by lifting the ban on increasing the number of MPs.

There was a lot of experimentation in building a new parliament building instead of rebuilding the old one. In the context of all those experiments, it is said that to increase the power of the parliament, a new parliament building must be built. The present Parliament building can seat only 552 people in the Lok Sabha and 436 people can sit in the Central Hall. Keeping all these situations in mind, the new parliament building was constructed.

970 crore rupees have been spent on the construction of the new parliament building. The number of seats here is 1224. The theme of the interior decoration of the 888-seat Lok Sabha is the peacock, the national bird. Again, the interior of the 384-seat Rajya Sabha is decorated on the lotus theme. The new parliament building has been built according to modern technology and modern planning. That’s why no one has to face difficulties here.

Although the problem of the new parliament building has not come up yet, several problems of the old parliament building have come to the fore. As its design dates back to the British era, safety concerns have arisen in various aspects, including earthquake safety concerns, fire safety measures. Also various other difficulties were being faced in the old parliament building.

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