Vicky Kaushal: Vicky Kaushal slams Salman’s security guards, criticizes the net world

Actor Salman Khan is currently in Abu Dhabi for an award ceremony. An incident took place at the venue which has sparked criticism on the net. A video has gone viral on social media. In that video, actor Vicky Kaushal is seen shaking hands with his fans. On the other hand, Bhaijaan i.e. Salman Khan is entering the venue with his army of security guards. Then the unexpected happened.

It is seen in the video, Salman looks at Vicky and exchanges words. Vicky is also talking to him. Wanting to get a little closer to Salman. At that time, Bhaijaan’s security guard pushed Vicky away with one hand. Vicky Kaushal fans did not like this video at all. Just as there are fans of Salman in the country, there are also fans of Vicky. The net world is currently abuzz with various comments.

One netizen said, ‘It’s very sad to see the video. Vicky was dismissed as if she didn’t exist in Bollywood.’ Another netizen says, ‘A 6-foot star could not be seen by the security guards, what’s the matter!’

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