US killed 11 Iranian fighters in Syria airstrike

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Sundeep Sinha

24th March 2023 5:54 pm

International Desk: Within 24 hours, America took revenge for the drone attack on the US military base. This Friday morning, the eastern Syrian city of Deir targeted the base of Iranian armed fighters and killed 11 fighters. Although the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claims, US airstrikes killed six Iranian fighters, not 11.

The Qatar-based media “Al-Jazeera” reported, “Yesterday Thursday afternoon, Iranian fighters launched a drone attack on the US military base near the northern city of Hasakah in Syria. A US military contractor was killed in the attack. Five US soldiers were seriously injured. After that attack, the US President Joe Biden ordered the military to counterattack the bases of Iranian fighters. After receiving instructions from the country’s president, the US military launched airstrikes targeting the bases of various armed groups, including Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in several eastern cities including Deir, Syria, from this morning.

11 Iranian fighters lost their lives in the cities of Deir, Mayadin and Bokamal in the continuous attacks. Six of them died in Deir. Two more fighters were killed in a US strike on a base near the town of Mayadin. Three people were killed at a military base near the Iraqi border town of Bokamal.

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