US drones in the Black Sea again

of Russia militant of aircraft of obstacles in the mouth a US Surveillance the drone in the water read drowned to go of the event after the black sea in the region United States again Surveillance the drone Flight on did says Said of the country two official the message organization Reuters that US Officers inform, Friday that in the region a RQ Global the right blowing up United States mission again start did officials in one inform, Surveillance the drone regarding Tuesday’s that of the event after This is it A kind of the first Flight.

Tuesday’s that of the event after from of the Pentagon Officers Repeatedly emphasis with says was coming, a Surveillance the drone to lose despite Washington A kind of mission off will do no Ukraine war start to be after from US MQ Surveillance the drone by drowning to give United Statesof Russia in happened the first directly event A In the incident Washington And Moscow publicly to one the other responsible did, In this Both parties in exist excitement More intense become has risenthe news yahoo News.

United States complaint, of the event the time of Russia two SU২৪ militant airplane US unmanned of the aircraft around recklessly flight did Russia this complaint denial by doing a few timessharp turning to take afterThe drone devastated has been says claim did two side Reciprocal of complaint in Thursday the pentagon a video disclosure by doing In that see goes, of Russia a SU২৭ militant airplane of the drone very near come fuel the oil leave giving US Officers said, US The drone to fly the time to this damaged to do Russian militant the plane such did

Another one Russian militant airplane near with fly to go after of the drone video feed off become goes, Even so see gone says Reuters told the pentagon said, of Russia a militant of aircraft with of the drone of conflict As a result The event happened of the drone damaged of the propeller a few picture to come after The video off become goes of the Pentagon complaint, that of conflict As a result The propeller damaged is, In this The drone ineffective become read And of distant The drivers to the drone of the Black Sea in the water throw away to give forced be The event international in the sky happened says claim of the Pentagon.

the other towards of Moscow claim, The drone in ukrainespecial military of the campaignfor their established saved airspace inside was And they are a few months before that airspace about to everyone well told A kind of event of Ukraine the war the center by doing United States And of Russia in directly of conflict of risk The matter remembrance done gave one year before Moscow neighbor in ukraine attack start to do after from of Kiev western the allies their weapons, military logistics And detective Information with of Russia against in war assistance start by doing

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