Tipu Sultan’s sword sold at record price

of London Bonhams took in the house one Crore ৪০ million in pounds sale has been ১৮ in the century famous Indian the ruler tipu Sultan’s the sword tuesday tipu Sultan’s famous the sword at the auction picked up is this of ideas than seven quality more at the price sale is one In the statement Bonhams Authority inform, their took in the house now up to sale to be Indian And islamic traditional any of things That’s it the highest the price

tipu the sultan ১৭৮২ the year from ১৭৯৯ the year up to Indian of the subcontinent of the south Mysore of the state the ruler was own State in defense he so much prowess have seen thatTiger Ab Mysoresurname received ১৭৯৯ of the year may British forces of Mysore capital in Seringapatam (current name Srirangapatna) attack continue tipu to the Sultan killing by doing tipu to the Sultan of murder after his the palace loot by doing British the army of the palace Indoors the sword found goesCNN

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