This time the film will continue to talk, the new model of chatgpt is becoming exactly like people?

ChatGPT 4 New Version AI: It is more advanced and more effective than previous models of ChatGPT, the company claims.

If you look inside the technology world of the whole world, you will hear about two events. First, mass layoffs in the IT-corporate world. And secondly, the awesomeness of ChatGPT. Basically an AI or Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is spread among different technologies of the world. From pocket-sized mobiles to computers, Siri to Alexa – everyone has conquered the market with new technology. But ChatGPT is changing that whole world. If you tell him something, he does it all by himself. From legal document creation to office mail, copywriting – all the work is done with ease by ChatGPT. Just like people!

By November 2022, ChatGPT was launched by an American company called OpenAI. Several months have passed since then. Gradually the popularity of this advanced technology increased. Despite its many complications, limitations, ChatGPT is changing the mindset of the entire technology market. The result of which has been seen in Microsoft, Google’s initiative to create a new chatbot. In the meantime, ChatGPT has once again created a storm. OpenAI recently brought its new model to the market. Name ‘ChatGPT-4’ (ChatGPT-4). The company claims that it is more advanced and more effective than previous models of ChatGPT.

But before coming to this new technology let’s know a little about its previous models. Until now there were two models of chatgpt in the market. A ChatGPT-3, which everyone can use. Another was ChatGPT 3.5 (ChatGPT-3.5), which Plus subscribers could use. This new ChatGPT 4 model is also for OpenAI Plus subscribers for now. However, there have been changes in several places. Experts claim that this change has helped ChatGPT become more ‘human-like’.

What is the change? What’s new in ChatGPT?

First, ChatGPT 4 is a large multimodal model. What does this mean? Simply put, earlier ChatGPT only responded to words, meaning only text content was available. Both input and output had text. This time, in this new model, ChatGPT will use not only sound, but also images. Meaning, the new ChatGPT will also use images as input. It will use both image and text as output. As a result it has become more work.

Second, ChatGPT’s previous model (3.5) could only answer in 3000 words. However, that number has been greatly increased in the case of ChatGPT 4. This state-of-the-art AI can answer itself in more than 25,000 words. Also, the program has been better designed to perform more precisely as per the user’s requirements. Therefore, OpenAI claims that it will be able to make the work more perfect than before. ChatGPT 4 has also passed tough tests such as the American Bar Examination and Graduate Record.

But in addition to this, OpenAI has brought another new thing. Earlier, ChatGPT acted on the user’s instructions, answering specific questions. Now not just answering questions, ChatGPT 4 can also ask questions itself. what kind Think of a debate. There you are making arguments and throwing counter questions at the other side. The opponent can also frame his argument and question you again. Same is the case with ChatGPT 4. This technology will not stop with just giving answers, it can also ask questions instead of questions. Not only that, very soon there is going to be a system where chatgpt can automatically change its tone and answer style while talking. It goes without saying that efforts are being made to equalize people from all sides.


There are still limitations to this technology. They are exactly the same as before. After all, chatgpt is an AI based robot, he can never think like a human. A touch of ‘human thought’ cannot be found in his words. Meanwhile, there are many things that humans can do. Also there is the language problem. ChatGPT can only operate in English so far. But there are many more languages ​​in the world. Also, it’s hard to say how error-free any of ChatGPT’s writing is. In particular, in the case of copyright, the trend of writing to two or making up if information is not available has been seen in this technology before. But the bigger question is, will machines and technology replace people in the future? For now, the entire technology world is looking at that.

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