This Tata factory is the pride of the country, there is only one reason behind it

Tata company has always been different. Tata boss Ratan Tata has time and again come up with something that sets him apart from others. Where others have only discussed, this organization has given proper status to the word Women Empowerment. Tata Motors’ Pimpri Plant has set an example in India and the whole world. Because this one car factory is managed by women. Here, from design to planning or manufacturing, all the responsibilities are left to the women workers.

However, exactly 3 years ago the picture was quite different. With 1,110 female employees, women contributed a total of 3 percent to the total workforce. However, Tata Company feels that this ratio should be increased. So Tata created a new line in April 2021. These plants employ women fresh out of urban, municipal, village schools and ITIs.

And as you think, so do you. Recruitment of women started from June of that year. 45 days training is given to the employed women workers. At present 1500 women work in TCF line. Those aged 20 to 25 years. These women have been assigned to 97 stations located in the plant. The company said their biggest success came in August 2022, when 252 cars were manufactured in that month. Also, according to the company, they tested several SUVs on the test track located at the plant.

Tata Company’s TCF-2 passenger vehicle line Pimpri plant is located in Pune, Maharashtra. From where sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs are reaching many parts of the country. Exports beyond India are also to foreign countries.

But now Tata Motors has seen that many other companies have taken initiatives to hire women employees. It may be noted in this context that Ashok Leyland has also recently decided to open an all-women plant in Tamil Nadu. The commercial vehicle maker said that 100 percent of the employees in this plant will be women. Experts say, more women will be encouraged by this decision of the companies. In this step women will also think about choosing the automobile industry as their future. And by that, women will have an equal share in the economy of our country.

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