This one object can completely change the image of the world! The world is buzzing with new discoveries

New Material Discovered Change The World: Scientists have discovered a new material. Which can radically change the picture of the whole world!

Standing in this twenty-first century world, we see many things. I am a witness of various surprises, various dangers. As the population grows, so does people’s dependence on technology. Science has also advanced a lot in the past few decades. We are standing in the middle of this amazing explosion of technology and science. The latest research and discoveries are dazzling. Meanwhile, another new discovery has created a buzz around the world. Scientists have discovered a new substance in the laboratory. Such a substance, which can radically change the picture of the whole world! All the magic can create!

The detailed research report was recently published in New Scientist magazine. Professor Ranga Dias of the University of Rochester in New York and his colleagues were associated with the study. What is that research? They were mainly working with superconductors. Before going to the next topic, let’s know a little about what is this superconductor?

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In terms of their ability to carry electricity, there are mainly three types of materials in our world. Insulators, Semiconductors and Conductors. Their identity is included in the name. Insulator means an object or material that does not conduct electricity (eg cotton, cloth etc.). Conducts electricity easily through conductors (eg metals including iron, copper). On the other hand, semiconductors (eg silicon) conduct electricity in special cases.

Beyond this there is another type of material, called superconductors. That is, it conducts electricity best through this material under certain conditions. They are stronger than conductive metals. American professor Ranga Dias and his colleagues were researching this superconductor. Experiments were going on with these three elements of the periodic table – hydrogen, nitrogen and lutetium. That’s when the real discovery!

According to the researchers, these three elements reacted together to form a new substance. Which is behaving like a superconductor when kept at only 69 degrees Fahrenheit. A pressure of 1 giga pascal must also be applied. Although the pressure value seems high, this material is much more efficient than previous superconductors. So much so that electronics, electricity can revolutionize the entire world’s civilization.

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What kind of change? Professor Dias claims, “Suppose you are standing in 1940. Riding a horse through the road. Suddenly a speeding Ferrari car passes you. This is exactly the kind of change. Where this new superconducting horse will differentiate Ferrari.” Hydrogen, nitrogen and lutetium are placed between two diamond blocks and kept under high pressure. Then it was created. As the substance gradually acquires a red color, it is named ‘Reddmatter’. If it works properly, experts claim, we will be able to step into a more modern world of science and power transport.

What can be done? Power grids can transmit 200 million megawatts of electricity without any loss. Many devices like hospital MRI, magnetocardiography will work more cheaply and quickly. Faster trains will run better, more smoothly. Overall, the pace of the tech world will change when this redmatter takes off. For now, scientists are looking at that change.

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