There has been a big change in the fare of train tickets, passengers will get much cheaper

Indian Railways has brought back the opportunity to travel at low fares in AC 3-tier Economy Class (AC 3-tier Economy Class). In November last year, Indian Railways withdrew the AC 3-tier economy class by linking it with the AC 3-tier.

This news is useful for you if you travel to third AC (AC 3) frequently. After this decision of the Railways, traveling in the AC 3 economy coach of the train is getting cheaper. According to the circular issued by the Railway Board, it has been decided to bring back the old system regarding AC coach fares.

AC 3 economy coach fares will be lower than AC 3 coaches after the new rules come into force. This decision came into effect from March 22. According to the current directive, even if the fare is reduced, the railways will provide linen to the passengers.

According to information, last year the Railway Board issued a Commercial Circular, in which the fares of AC 3 economy coaches and AC 3 coaches were equalized. Earlier, blankets and sheets were not provided in economy coaches, but this facility started being available to passengers from last year. However, on March 21, the Railways issued a circular and the railway authorities decided to bring back the old system.

According to railway officials, passengers who have already booked tickets will also get the benefit of this decision. Yes, Railways will refund passengers who have purchased tickets online and at the counter. According to information, Railways had issued a commercial circular last year. After this circular, AC 3 coach and AC 3 economy coach fares have been equalized.

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