The price of gold rose again

After two rounds of price reduction, the price of gold has been increased again in the country’s market. It has been decided to increase the price of acid gold (seasoned gold) in the local market. The price of the best quality gold (22 carat) has been increased by Tk 1,167. In this, the price of good quality gold has increased to 97 thousand 628 taka.

The new price of gold will be implemented from Friday (March 24), Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) said.

This information was informed in a press release signed by MA Hannan Azad, Chairman of Bajus Price Determination and Price Monitoring Standing Committee on Thursday (March 23).

According to the new price announced on Thursday, 97 thousand 627 rupees will be charged per 22 carat gold from Friday. The price of 21 carat gold has been fixed at 93 thousand 195 taka. According to the new decision of Bajus, the price of 18 carat gold will be 79 thousand 898 taka and the price of traditional method gold has been fixed at 66 thousand 543 taka.

Bajus announced on Wednesday (March 22) the new price of gold from Thursday. The price of the best quality is reduced by 1 thousand 167 taka.

Earlier on Tuesday (March 21), the price of one bar of good quality gold was reduced by Tk 1,166 on Wednesday. That is, in two days, the price of good quality gold was reduced by 2 thousand 333 taka. But now the price has been increased again.

Last March 19, the price of gold in the country’s market increased by a jump of 7 thousand 700 taka.

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