The price is increasing every day, why 300 is the cheapest chicken?

Chicken price hike: The sky high price of chicken, meat and rice on holidays will remain a dream of the middle class?

Taking care of health, eating chicken broth is almost out of the question these days, people have become accustomed to the taste of chicken meat. A weekend holiday, Bengali homes are full of delicious food. A day like this means there is no substitute for hot meat and rice at noon. In the morning in the market, almost everyone buys the desired piece of meat in a long line. For those whose eyes would turn red when they see the price of mutton, cheap chicken is the only way to satisfy their craving for meat. But the law of price increase did not spare that chicken. The price is increasing every day in the market. Now the question is whether meat and rice will remain only a dream for the middle class.

But suddenly why such a situation? Why is the fire in the chicken market all over Bengal? To analyze the reason for this, several facts must be looked at. For about a month, the price of chicken was going beyond the reach of the middle class little by little. Chicken meat priced at Tk 160 to Tk 180 was being sold at around Tk 200 to Tk 220 per kg. Such bullish market before the swing. However, prices have recently surpassed those estimates. The price has increased by about 50 rupees per kg in the last one week. The current market price of 300 chickens. As a result, the middle class has to go to the market with empty hands and gain speed.

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With successive public and private holidays on one hand, and wedding season on the other hand, the chicken business is already on the upswing. The demand for chicken is increasing day by day in various positions in wedding houses and even in the news of hotel restaurants. They are failing to provide as per requirement. And according to the rules of economics, if the demand increases, when the quantity decreases, the price increases, that is exactly what happened in this case as well. There was a long holiday at the beginning of this month. As a result, the holiday has boosted Bengal’s tourism industry on the one hand, and on the other hand, the business related to the tourism industry is the food business, which has increased the pressure on the supply of chicken.

On the other hand, poultry chickens die from several flu-related diseases by February-March every year. Due to which additional demand is created on supply. Besides, as doctors are emphasizing egg whites and chicken in today’s diet, the demand for eggs is also increasing, resulting in chicken traders suffering. The number of hotels and restaurants has increased more than before, resulting in increased pressure on the chicken business. And not being able to handle this quadratic pressure, the market price is practically weak. Cheap chicken is now a middle-class daydream. The West Bengal Poultry Federation has recently informed that the price of chicken feed has increased, if the price is reduced, the farmers will die without food, resulting in an increase in the price. However, they are hopeful that this situation will change when Chaitra month falls. As well as optimistic middle class Bengalis.

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