The population is only three! The story of the world’s smallest country will surprise you too

World’s Smallest Nation Sealand: That iron structure is a country! Such an amazing story is connected with it.

What do we mean by the country? Roughly a large land, forests, rivers… as well as the people of that country. There must be other animals with it. That country will have its own constitution, flag, currency, laws. But have you ever heard of a country that stands on only two huge pillars in the middle of the ocean! No hills, no trees, just a long, big platform. From a distance, it looks like a helipad, or a ship port, a small factory on the sea. That iron structure is a country! Such an amazing story is connected with it. Let’s talk with the world’s smallest country, Sealand.

Sealand, in full language Principality of Sealand (Principality of Sealand). Both are huge. An iron structure standing on thick pillars. How can it be a whole country? For that, we have to go back in history. The original story of Sealand begins during World War II. At that time, the German army and aircraft were destroying England. It was then that two tall towers were built several miles off the British coast. It was then called ‘Rough’s Tower’. It is good to say, it was a kind of castle in England. Arms, weapons, cannons, guns were all stored here. The tower was used by the British Army to attack enemy aircraft on sight and to track German movements.

By 1956, after the end of the war, the British Royal Navy declared the tower abandoned. This rough tower was left empty. But since 1967, the real story here begins. During the war, radar, radio equipment etc. were installed in this tower. In 1967, an illegal radio broadcasting group established a base in the tower. In that group were Roy Bates and his son Michael Bates. Everyone began to live here together, but at some point the authority of Roy Bates reached its peak. He decides to live alone in this place. As thought, so act. He evicted all the residents who were with him.

Then another thought came to mind. The location of Ruff’s Tower was a bit odd. First, its location was on international land borders. And no one has any control over this region. Let’s say there is an empty island within this region. Then anyone can come and build a base there. Also this region is out of reach of England. Roy Bates benefited from all sides. He declared this tower as the new country with his wife and son. Named ‘Principality of Sealand’. The Bates family has lived here ever since.

Zealand published its constitution in 1975. Flags, emblems, national anthems are created. Even, this country has its own currency, passport. Michael Bates, the son of Roy Bates, was also in danger after several attempts to take over this country. But in the end the country remained in the hands of the Bates family. Now listen to the population of this country? Only three to four people! Although there are a few others who remain, they are not permanent. If you want to go here, you have to show your passport properly. The country also has its own website.

Roy Bates is no longer alive. His son, Michael Bates, is taking over Sealand in his place. But you know what’s weird? No country has yet recognized Zealand as an independent state. Although seen on the map, Sealand has declared itself as a sovereign country. This is the smallest country in the world, they claim. But what the country looks like! Then you must be a little surprised.

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