The most expensive sword in history! Hearing the price of Tipu Sultan’s weapons will raise your eyes…

Tipu Sultan Sword Price: When Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British, British soldiers recovered this sword from his bedchamber in 1799.

Tipu Sultan is one of the first names that comes to mind when one thinks of Indian warriors. He ruled India in the 1700s. But in this year 2023, Tipu has become relevant again. Courtesy, however, is his tool. If the question is, what is the most valuable resource or historical resource of India? The answer will be Tipu Sultan’s sword! The sword of Indian ruler Tipu Sultan was recently auctioned. People wondered how much the price would go up, even more than 2.5 million dollars! The price of this sword is eye watering.

Surprisingly, the price of Tipu’s sword at the auction is 17.5 million dollars! The amount of this money in Indian currency is 1,44,58,99,000! Tipu Sultan’s personal, exquisitely beautiful sword has been sold for a huge price. This is now the most expensive sword in history. This ornate sword has broken all records of world’s most expensive swords.

This sword owned by Tipu Sultan was actually a Spanish sword. It was Tipu Sultan’s personal most trusted weapon during his reign from 1782-1799. This exquisitely crafted sword was made of Utz steel. That is why this sword of Tipu was famous in the world for its power. This Spanish sword was much harder than any other steel option available at the time!

It is said that the swords of this period of Indian history could easily cut through iron armor. This is why weapons were ahead of the metallurgical techniques of the time. The sword bears the inscription ‘Ruler’s Sword’, after Tipu’s death many things were inscribed on it.

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When Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British, British soldiers recovered the sword from his bedchamber in 1799 and presented it to Major General David Baird. The sword is offered as a symbol of bravery and honor as the attack he directed, was able to kill Tipu Sultan, auction house Bonhams said in a press release.

However, this was not Tipu Sultan’s only sword and it was not the sword that he used in battle. Swords used in battle were lost earlier and have since been recovered and kept in the British Museum. But what makes this massively expensive sword so special is its craftsmanship.

Interestingly, Tipu Sultan is considered to be the pioneer of ‘Rocket Artillery’. Tipu used metal tubes filled with gunpowder as a long-range weapon against the British invasion. The use of such weapons was unthinkable at that time. Not that they were very effective or harmful. But its loud noises and flashes of light were enough to strike the East India Company’s forces with immense fear.

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