‘Stop the arrest operation’, the court ordered the police to give temporary relief to Imran

Imran Khan is under arrest. The Pakistani court had issued a non-bailable warrant against him. The police reached his house in Lahore to arrest him. But Imran’s supporters appeared to stop the police. Bricks and stones started raining on the police. The police also started firing tear gas and water cannons. All in all, the situation became fiery. Finally, after 24 hours of tension, the Pakistani police retreated. After that, the Lahore High Court ordered that the operation to arrest Imran cannot be carried out till 10 am on Thursday.

৩.০০: Finally, after 24 hours of tension, the Pakistani police retreated. The police force was removed from the front of Imran’s house in Lahore. Virtually, PTI workers-supporters join in the joy of victory. It is known that there is a Pakistan Super League game this afternoon. And that is why the police force was removed. End of the suffocation situation.

২.০০: Imran came out of the house. Gas mask on his face. The police are constantly firing shells. He was seen talking to party workers in this condition. Imran’s party PTI shared that video on social media.

১.০০: Imran’s lawyers reached the Islamabad High Court. They approached the court challenging the non-bailable arrest warrant issued against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

১২.৩০: Imran informed that the crowd gathered in front of his house was gradually getting out of his control. He was heard to say, “The matter is fast getting out of our hands. What is going on here… the guys (workers) who are outside, they are not listening to me. As shells are being thrown at them, they are not even listening to me. I have no more control over them.”

১২.০০: “I will not run away to London. I don’t belong to people who have crores of rupees.” This is how Imran was seen punching Nawaz Sharif. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan said this while replying to Sharif’s daughter’s comment that “Imran is hiding under the bed” in a video message. With that, he shouted, “I will live, I will die here. Pakistan is my country.”

১১.১০: Motorcycle and car were set on fire in front of Imran Khan’s house. The picture of that Daudau fire has spread on social media.

১০.৩০: The situation outside Imran’s house is still tense. It is littered with bullet holes, tear gas shells.

৯.৫৫: Tehreek-e-Pakistan has alleged that continuous shelling is happening in front of Imran Khan’s house.

৯.৪০: Imran Khan also tweeted after the video message. He claims, ‘Arrest’ is actually just a play. The main objective is to kidnap him and kill him. Along with this, the police started firing after the complaint of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, tear gas, water cannons.

৯.৩০: The road next to Imran’s house has practically taken the appearance of a battlefield. The crowd-police clash continues. 14 hours have passed.


৯.১০: Yesterday, Tuesday night, Imran said that he is ready to be arrested. But the police could not enter his house yet.

৯.০০: Imran has repeatedly accused him of conspiracies in video messages. ‘They are acting as if there is a big terrorist hiding inside the house’, quips Imran. Along with his complaint, wanting to arrest him is actually part of the ‘London Plan’. Imran made such an explosive allegation that there was a formal written agreement to end all the cases filed against Nawaz Sharif by putting him in jail.

৮.৫০: Even though the police reached here on Tuesday afternoon, no arrests have been made yet. A large number of PTI workers-supporters are standing up. Throwing bricks and stones. The police are also firing tear gas and water cannons.

৮.৪৫: Police force is near Imran Khan’s residence to arrest him. There are two non-bailable arrest warrants against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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