Stealing dead bodies from the grave, seven years of cohabitation under the identity of his wife! The incident of the American doctor will surprise

Mysterious incident about Dr Tanzler : Replaced the eyes of dead bodies with exact replicas of eyes made of glass. Until the dead woman’s family investigates and reports to the police, the body is…

Love cannot be explained in words. A little illusion, a little infatuation, a little happiness memory, all in all a different feeling. It is not a big deal to die for love. The most beautiful feeling in this world is called love. Love has no conventional rules. Not all love stories have an ending. But love is still true, the greatest truth of life. One such love story has recently come to light. A doctor in the United States tried to revive one of his patients out of love. For seven long years, he has known that dead body as his wife.

The event is in Florida, USA. Known as “Doctor Death” there, Carl Tanzler once stole the body of a young patient from a grave. And he wants to breathe new life into that dead body by conducting experiments. He was also nicknamed “Florida’s Frankenstein” for running the gruesome Giveshiba for seven consecutive years.

Doctor Tanzler recovered the body and stored it in a laboratory. He replaced the corpse’s eyes with exact replicas of eyes made of glass. The doctor accepted the body as his wife and lived with her for seven consecutive years until the family of the dead woman examined and reported to the police. The girl’s name is Elena.

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Initially, the matter seems to be simple ghost theory, but after a while, the doctor does not understand that the dead body is actually his true love. And so he started researching to revive him from the grave. However, Dr. Tanzler did not have to face any legal complications due to legal battles and medical science research. But Tanzler’s actions left Elena’s family horrified to see her transformed corpse. On the contrary, the doctor said it was only part of the research, he had no intention of mutilating the dead body.

Elena was only 21 at the time of her death. He first met Dr. Tanzler at a hospital in Key West, Florida. Tanzler, a German-born doctor, was making a name for himself as a tuberculosis doctor at the time. So Elena came to this doctor for treatment of tuberculosis.

Dr. Karl Tanzler was born in Dresden in 1877. However, he left Dresden for the United States after World War I. Here he took the name of Count Carl von Kossel. He holds a total of nine university degrees. He said that since he was only 12 years old, he was haunted by a ghostly figure, whom he has come to love as his wife for life. Later, he decided to do Gibeshina with this. Having met Elena as a patient, after his death he decides to create life by researching corpses. Above all, establish his love.

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