SSC Scam | Ghaziabad company boss nabbed by CBI in recruitment scam

SSC Scam | Ghaziabad company boss nabbed by CBI in recruitment scam

Kolkata: An official of a private organization in Ghaziabad is now in the CBI’s net in the SSC Scam case. According to CBI sources, the name of the accused is Niladri Das. He is the head of the organization called Nayassa. The CBI came to know that the agency had received a reference for revaluation of OMRO sheets from the School Service Commission. Earlier, the Central Investigation Agency called Niladri and interrogated him several times. He was arrested on Friday.

The issue of tampering of OMR sheets came to light from CBI sources. The court questioned why the private organization in Ghaziabad was referred to re-evaluate OMR sheets. The CBI had flown to Ghaziabad to investigate on the orders of the court. Going there, they came to know about many irregularities. In the server of that organization and in the server of School Service Commission in Bidhannagar, a lot of manipulation of the numbers of job aspirants was detected. In some places the marks of eligible candidates have been reduced, in some places the marks of ineligible candidates have been increased.

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Several officers of the School Service Commission complained to the court that Subiresh Bhattacharya had taken a unilateral decision to cite the agency when he was the chairman of the commission. No one except the chairman had access to the commission’s server room at Bidhannagar. Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay told a woman officer of the commission, “You have to tell more.” The official said in reply, I have no objection to say what I know.

It was further alleged in the court that many OMR sheets were destroyed before the stipulated time on the order of the chairman. The commission can give any answer to the court’s question in that regard. Initially, there were allegations of OMR sheet manipulation in the case of Tet.

Recently, the CBI also recovered many OMR sheets from the house of Ayan Sheel, a close promoter of Hooghly Trinamool youth leader Shantanu Banerjee. It includes answer sheets or OMR sheets of various municipal recruitment exams apart from school recruitment. The CBI officers claim that the official may have been in touch with the private agency NISA regarding school recruitment corruption. Niladri is being brought to Kolkata from Ghaziabad.

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