Snow Leopard | 5 snow leopards are the new guests of Darjeeling Zoo

Snow Leopard | 5 snow leopards are the new guests of Darjeeling Zoo

Darjeeling: Five more snow leopards were born at the Taktdara Breeding Center in Darjeeling’s Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park. A few days ago the snow cheetah Bear and Morning gave birth to five cheetah cubs. Of these, two are male breeds and three are female breeds. According to the zoo, the five cubs are one month old. Mother and children are healthy. They are being specially cared for.

As a result of this breeding, the number of snow leopards in Darjeeling Zoo stands at 14. Mothers and children are being monitored under CCTV surveillance. Two doctors are always taking care of the cub and the mother. Notably, Darjeeling Zoo has been called the best zoo for artificial reproduction not only in West Bengal or India but also in Asia. There have been successful artificial breedings of red pandas, Tibetan bears and snow leopards.

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Snow leopard is an endangered animal in India. Kistwar National Sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir has snow leopards. The expert team of wildlife conservation said that the picture of snow leopard was found in the dense forest of the high peak area of ​​Kistwar.

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