Shakib angry with police, trusts DB

Ahmed Zaman Shimul

‘Operation Agneepath’ producer Rahmat Ullah has filed five allegations against Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan, including rape. He went to Gulshan police station on Saturday (March 18) night to file a case against the producer for defamation and fraud. His case was not taken up there. So on Sunday afternoon, he went to the head office of the Police Intelligence Department (DB).

After a 4-hour meeting with the DB chief, Shakib reacted angrily to the officers of Gulshan police station. At the same time, he also said that he has confidence in DB. But at this time, he looks very upset.

Shakib said, yesterday (Saturday) night, I went to Gulshan police station to file a case against the producer named Rahmat Ullah. Despite repeated attempts by me, my lawyer and many of your journalists to convince the OC, he took up the case. He said, you can complain wherever you want, I didn’t take your case. It seems surprising to me that I cannot go and file a case as an ordinary citizen.

You are supposed to file a case in court today, so why did you come to DB? “Any case we have seen DB settles very quickly. That’s why I called the DB head and asked for time. He listened to me for a long time. Look at the evidence on my profile and the fraudster’s allegations. He looked into all the issues. He has assured me that he will bring this cheater under the law as soon as possible’, said Shakib.

Shakib Khan avoided answering the question of when he will file a case in court. However, he said that Rahmat Ullah could flee to Australia at any time, so he hurriedly went to the DB office.

Shakib said, ‘Producer named cheater Rahmat Ullah has not only cheated me but also cheated the entire people of the film. Millions of people like me, cheated on them. Lies and fake news spread to everyone. I think Rahmat Ullah was not alone in this work. Many other people were involved behind him. If not, a fake producer named Batpar like Rehmat Ullah went inside the FDC and sought justice by giving wrong information to three-four major organizations!

He also said, ‘He met me once through Apu Biswas. At that time also he asked for money. He took a picture with me and immediately said, I wanted to compromise by bringing a stamp of 300 rupees! This fraud is lying to everyone day after day.’

Meanwhile, regarding the meeting held with Shakib Khan, DB chief Additional Commissioner of Police Haroon-or-Rashid said that he accused a producer named Rahmat Ullah of blackmailing him. We have heard his statement and informed him that we will investigate the complaint and take action.

Why not sue you? To such a question, Harun said that he has confidence in our expertise in various cases or complaints. So he came here to get a remedy in this matter.


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