Sengol-Jairam Ramesh False propaganda about ‘Sengal’ by Modi and his musicians, claims Jairam Ramesh

Sengol-Jairam Ramesh False propaganda about ‘Sengal’ by Modi and his musicians, claims Jairam Ramesh

New Delhi: Congress leader Jairam Ramesh dismissed as false what the musicians of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are promoting about the installation of Tamil Nadu’s traditional ‘Sengal’ or scepter in the new Parliament building. In a tweet on Friday, Ramesh said, BJP has lost ground in Tamil politics. So they are making false claims to step there again. Sengal had nothing to do with the ceremony of transfer of power from the British Raj, nor did it. The ruling party is spreading false propaganda.

Sengal will be placed next to the speaker’s chair in the new parliament building on May 28. The inauguration ceremony was boycotted by 20 opposition parties, including the Congress. On the other hand, 25 teams have announced that they will be present. Jayaram claims that there is no evidence of any symbolic relationship between Sengal and Lord Mountbatten, C. Rajagopalachari and Jawaharlal Nehru’s transfer of power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Dhaka followers are trying to use it as a salve to lose ground in Tamil Nadu.

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Yesterday, the BJP had alleged that the Congress had disrespected Hindu traditions. One such sacred pole has been desecrated by leaving it in a museum. In response to this, Ramesh said that the work of Modi and his brigade is to divert attention from the real reality and throw light elsewhere. The main question is why President Draupadi Murmuke is not inaugurating the new building of Parliament? BJP is doing politics with Sengal instead. Jairam said, these information which are being circulated are false in simple and clear terms. Which is the brainchild of a few people and the promotion is the work of the media. Two privileged students of Rajaji himself were surprised to hear this.

What do you know about this scepter or weapon or scepter?

Then know its history and importance. It was August 14, 1947. The night of India’s independence from the British Empire. At around 11:15 p.m., the people of Tamil Nadu handed over this brick to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It was used as a symbol of the transfer of power of the Chola dynasty in ancient times. After being hidden in the museum of Allahabad for a long time, Sengal is going to get a place in the New Parliament Building from the pages of history. Controversy like the inauguration ceremony started with that brick.

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