Sayantika impressed the assistant

Entertainment Desk: Sayantika Banerjee is the popular actress of Kolkata. Apart from this, another identity of her is that she is a Trinamool leader. He started his career in 2008 through dance competitions. After that, in 2009, he entered the cinema. He has been seen in several successful movies so far. Teamed up with top heroes of Tollywood.

This is an emotional post of Scientika about the people she loves. Sayantika posted a picture on Instagram. Chocolate cake in hand. Standing with a smiling friend. Amit Kumar Scientist Assistant. March 10 was the assistant’s birthday. The actress gave an emotional post about him.

Sayantika wrote in the post – ‘Happy birthday. You are my strength, my friend, my brother. what would i do without you you are mine I love you brother.’ Amit is a family member of the actress though an assistant.

On the other hand, this actress is often subjected to sarcasm on social media. A few days ago, he responded to the troll to one of his followers. For a long time, a fan had been making indecent comments about him on social media. So Sayantika has chosen to give a lesson to him.

According to media reports, the actress shared a text from a fan named Shiladitya. With which he wrote – ‘Everyone, go and see @sila_ditya20’s comment on my previous post. sorry! Shiladitya, I didn’t want to give you so much importance. But you should start respecting other women now. I told you, silence people wrongly. Another ID of @Siladitya410. At least you should shut your mouth this time.’

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Posting, he also wrote- ‘I am always grateful to my fans and well-wishers for what I have achieved today. But it is also my responsibility to raise my voice against filth. Such disrespect to women cannot be tolerated in any way. You can like or dislike someone. But that’s not all. Now you should shut up.’

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