Sara: Sara came to Kolkata, what did the actress say in broken Bengali

Sara Ali Khan came to Kolkata. However, the actress came to Calcutta because she wanted to live bananas besides seeing Rath. His movie ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’ (Zara Hatke Zara Bachke) is going to release on the big screen on June 2. The arrival of the actress in Kolkata is for the promotion of that movie. However, Nawab’s daughter wanted to fulfill some of her wishes in Kolkata. On this trip to Kolkata, the little one wanted to eat street side fuchka. At the same time wanted to taste Kolkata’s rasgolla. All the wishes of Sara have been fulfilled.

The entire street of Calcutta was standing and eating fuchka. Also ate rasogolla of Calcutta. Chutie also promoted his own movie. The actress posted a short video of her visit to Kolkata on her social media. At the start of the video, Sara is heard saying in broken Bengali, ‘Hello friends. I have come to Calcutta.’ The tradition of this city has not forgotten the yellow taxi. The actress also took a taxi tour.

A few days back, Sara Ali Khan and co-star Vicky Kaushal went to Rajasthan for the promotion of the movie. Went there and spent time with the villagers. They ate their handmade bread and vegetables. He also danced with the women of the village. Where they go after Kolkata is to see.

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