Retirement is not a new challenge at sixty! Ashish Vidyarthi’s marriage is a new lesson in love

Ashish Vidyarthi Rupali Barua Wedding: While Rupali was in Kolkata, Ashish was often seen visiting Kolkata.

He has spent more than 30 years of his life in acting. Won National Award in Film Industry. He has seen the change in the language of cinema, the change in the medium of cinema, he has seen the juncture of the rise of web series along with cinema. And this actor has proved himself indispensable in each of these changes. From movies to web series – actor Ashish Vidyarthi has revealed his art form. Has passed 60 summer-spring-winter of life. Ashish has proved by walking most of the paths of life, this path never ends. Instead, a journey into the unknown begins at every turn. For example, actor Ashish Vidyarthi embarked on a new journey at the age of 60. He got married again at the age of sixty.

Ashish has been continuously working in various films since 1991. He won the National Award for his performance in the 1994 film Drohkal. 1942: Ashish was part of popular films like A Love Story, Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Soldier, Jiddi, Hasina Maan Jaegi. Simultaneously, he has also acted in web series like Pitchers Season 2, Rana Naidu, Kutte and Trial by Fire. Ashish recently married fashion entrepreneur Rupali Barua. Ashish and Rupali also organized a domestic ceremony after the legal wedding in the court. The news of the marriage came to light after the pictures of the event were published. Moreover, no one could imagine the love of Ashish or Rupali.

Apart from Hindi cinema, Ashish Vidyarthi has also worked extensively in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema. This actor has completely destroyed the concept of ‘ideal’ age to fall in love. At an age when ordinary people retire and spend their remaining few years worrying about financial savings and security, Ashish took on a new challenge. Fell in love, married! Once again, the two took the initiative to share the details of being together. After the wedding, Ashish said, “Marrying Rupali at this stage of life is a wonderful feeling.”

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This is Ashish’s second marriage. Earlier he was married to actress Rajoshi Barua, daughter of actress Shakuntala Barua. They also have a son, a finance student. Rajoshi herself is an actress, writer and singer.

Who is this silver barua?

Rupali Barua is an entrepreneur. Fifty-year-old Rupali, a resident of Guwahati, is associated with NAMEG, a textile fashion store in Kolkata. While Rupali was in Kolkata, Ashish was often seen visiting Kolkata. Ashish Vidyarthi loves making travel vlogs. It can be seen that Kolkata city is always mentioned in that vlog. Ashish, however, did not reveal the story of the two people’s conversation now. Rupali said that they met some time ago. Both decided to take the relationship further. But both wanted their wedding to be limited to a small family affair. Remains! Ashish and Rupali started a new life in Kerala’s traditional clothes, Mund, and Assam’s Mekhla. He said, there was no age, country, language, border for falling in love, never existed, never will exist.

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