Remand denied, actress Mahi in jail

Entertainment Desk: Actress Mahiya Mahi sent to jail. Actress Mahia Mahi arrested in Digital Security Act case has been ordered to be sent to jail. Saturday noon Gazipur Metropolitan Magistrate. Iqbal Hussain’s court ordered him to be sent to prison.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Asaduzzaman confirmed this information to the media. He said, ‘The police wants to take Mahia Mahi to court and remand her for 7 days. However, the court did not grant remand and ordered him to be sent to prison.

Earlier, Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam said in a press conference after Mahi’s arrest that Mahi will be produced in court today and his remand will be sought.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police arrested him from the airport area on Saturday (March 18) around 12 noon when he returned home after performing Umrah. But in the same case, her husband Rakib Sarkar is absconding.

On Friday night, Gazipur’s Basan police station SI Rokon Mia filed the case against Mahi and her husband Rakib Sarkar under the Digital Security Act.

Besides, local resident Ismail Hossain has filed another case against them on the charge of land grabbing.

Meanwhile, this actress expressed her fear of being arrested on Facebook live around 11:30 pm on Friday. Mahi said in the Facebook live from Saudi Arabia, ‘Maybe we can be arrested as soon as I come to the country. Whatever happens, we will face it.’

Actress Mahia Mahi was arrested for that reason

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