Relationship of flowers between us: Shabanur-Purnima

Entertainment Desk: Shabnoor and Poornima are two very popular actresses of Dhaka film. Now Shabnoor is far away not only from the cinema, but also from the country. On the other hand, even in the country, many movies are not seen on Purnima. However, he will appear in the presentation of various TV shows and programs.

Purnima has recently visited Australia. Shabnoor currently lives in Sydney. These two stars met there. After that, they came and chatted with fans on Facebook Live. After a long time, the two of them praised each other in an open conversation in face to face meeting. During the chat, Purnima told a funny story about Shabnoor’s popularity and performance to the fans.

Poornima said, ‘I tell you a true story. Apu was a superduper hit then, due to Apu’s pain, none of us could step into the industry and approach any film. Whenever I was shooting, our choreographers, directors, would say – what expression, do it like Shabnoor. Copy Shabnoor. Copy Shabnoor. Everyone is saying that you see the expression of Shabanur? His eyes speak and his lips speak, you are not worthy of Shabnoor’s feet. I used to say yes yes, I used to go to the corner and cry.’

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On the other hand, Purnima also praised the performance and presentation of Bhasan Shabanur. After meeting Purnima after a long time, Shabnoor said, “I am overwhelmed with emotions when I see Purnima.” Honestly, my eyes are watering to see him. It’s nice to see him after a long time. Meanwhile, Shabnoor said, ‘Many people think that our relationship is like an ax. To come but not that. You have a wrong idea, we both do not have a bad relationship.’ These two once extremely popular actresses also expressed their desire to do a movie together in the chat.

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