Rashmika is upset with the fans

Entertainment Desk: Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana’s movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ beat the box office after the Corona crisis. Even Pushpa’s lover Reshmika danced to the song ‘Swami Swami’ of the movie. Since then countless people have joined this viral song. However, even after the success of the film, from the promotion of the film, Reshmika has been receiving only one request.

Fans want to see him sway to the tune of ‘Swami Swami’ even once. This time the actress expressed her displeasure by objecting to this request. And don’t dance to this song, Reshmika clarified. But there is a special reason behind this decision of the actress.

Reshmika said, ‘A lot has happened and not. I have been dancing to this song since then. My back hurts too. I am not dancing to this song.’

Meanwhile, the shooting of ‘Pushpa’ sequel ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ started in December last year after the success of the first episode. The makers want to show more surprises than the previous episode. Not only that, the Indian media has revealed that the movie may feature South as well as several Bollywood stars.

Amitabhkanya Shweta will never act for this particular reason

It is known that the script of the second part has been written based on the conflict between the characters of Pushpa and Bhanwar Singh. All in all, the audience is eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. Netizens are not taking kindly to Reshmika’s anti-Pushpa attitude. But many are calling it part of the advance campaign for the upcoming episode.

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