Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Lok Sabha MP

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was dismissed from the post of MP. On Friday (March 24), the Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a notification stating that Rahul Gandhi’s MP status has been dismissed.

Rahul was sentenced to two years by a court in Gujarat on Thursday. This morning, the session court of Gujarat’s Surat district found the Congress MP guilty in the defamation case. The court sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years in prison and a fine of Rs 15,000 in this case.

But for now, Rahul has been granted bail for one month. So that he can file an appeal against this order in the High Court. In this situation, there was speculation about Rahul Gandhi’s candidacy. Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a notification today ending all speculations.

According to the law, if a public representative is sentenced to imprisonment for two or more years, his office will be dismissed immediately. In this atmosphere, Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary position was dismissed.

Former Gujarat Minister and BJP MLA Purnendu Modi filed a criminal defamation case against Rahul.

The plaintiff alleged that Rahul had insulted the entire Modi community. A case was filed against Rahul under sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Tax Code. The court said that the allegations against Rahul Gandhi have been proved. However, Rahul got bail after the prison sentence. However, according to the law, Rahul’s membership was dismissed today.

While campaigning for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul attacked the Prime Minister in a public meeting and said, ‘Why are all Modis thieves?’ He made this comment to refer to Narendra Modi, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi. It was alleged that the term ‘Modi’ has been insulted.

Source: Hindustan Times

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