Queen Elizabeth II assassinated during US visit: FBI

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Mahabub Molla

26th May 2023 5:33 pm | Last Update 26th May 2023 5:43 pm

own representative: Queen Elizabeth II was planned to kill in America! Such explosive claims are made in the documents of the US intelligence agency FBI.

Recently, the US intelligence agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has released several documents about the late Queen’s visit to America. BBC reported that this claim was made there. According to the BBC report, in 1983 when Queen Elizabeth II visited America. At that time there was a plan to kill him. And behind this plan was the father of a girl who was killed by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland. Detectives claimed that he planned this to avenge the girl’s murder. Recently, the FBI released several secret documents surrounding the late Queen’s visit to America.

According to the document, the man will try to harm Queen Elizabeth. Detectives feared the man could attack the Queen just as her royal yacht Britannia was about to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge. Detectives speculated that there may have been an attempt to kill the queen by dropping something from above, or while she was visiting Yosemite National Park.

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