Punishment of Valencia for racist treatment of Vinicius

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For two days, the entire world was uproar over Vinicius Jr.’s racist behavior. La Liga then punished Valencia on Monday (May 23). Part of the stadium where Vinicius was subjected to racism has been closed and Valencia have also been fined.

Vinicius Jr. was red carded for brawling with Valencia players. La Liga also lifted that red card from Vinicius. And that’s why there was no obstacle for Vinicius to play at home on Wednesday (May 24) night.

Vinicius was racially abused by fans during the second half of Real Madrid’s La Liga match at Valencia on Sunday. And in this incident the game was stopped for ten minutes. In the end, the tension spread around Vinicius again in the field. The footballers of the two teams started fighting. The referee then showed Vinny a red card.

This is not the first time this season that there have been incidents of racist behavior directed towards Vinays in several matches in La Liga. Formal complaints have also been made repeatedly, investigations have been carried out. But in the end, the La Liga authorities did not take any significant measures.

Soon the whole world erupted in support of Vinicius Jr. And the supporters also objected to giving him a red card after being a victim of racism and inciting him in various ways.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said in a statement on Tuesday that the referee gave the red card because he did not see the full extent of the incident while watching VAR.

“The RFEF Competition Committee has taken into account that the referee made an assessment without considering the totality of events on the field at the time, which influenced the referee’s decision,” the statement said. Since he was deprived of seeing a decisive part of the event, he made a unilateral decision. It was not possible for him to make a proper assessment of what had happened.’

There is no obstacle for Vinicius to play in the match against Rayo Viocano at home on Wednesday. However, due to injury, he has some concerns about playing in this match. According to ESPN, the 22-year-old star could not practice on Tuesday due to pain in his left knee.


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