Protests against pension reform continue in France

in france Pension power age limit to increase official of planning against capital in paris to be protest In the program the riot of the police with in conflict involved Protesters. of the government this Pension the plan with to grow to stay of restlessness in current of the year start from of one after one strike saw France, of in protest of Paris on the road on the road throw away keep has been in waste heap, which ২০১৮ of the year so calledYolo vestof the movement after the president Emmanuel Macron’s To the government the most big of the challenge in the mouth left Ñthe news AFP.

Reuters of television In the footage Friday local the time evening towards of the country national Parliament of the building near in paris Place give La in concord gather to be Protesters scatter to do to the police to cry gas to throw see gone, told the message organization Reuters. A the time in line to stand the riot of the police in front war suspect in posture standing to stay something To the agitatorMacron, power let gothe slogan to give see gone

Pension renovation to the bill of Parliament Voting without pass to make the decision took Macron. his A of decision after Thursday Even at night Across Paris restlessness see went of the government renovation in planning in france by state Pension power age limit two year increase ৬৪ to do the decision taken has been Pension Management collapsed reading hand from to save this renovation urgent become fell says like of the government. However worker Unions And mostly Voter’s In this Disagree there is

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