Pregnant before marriage, this actress ran away from home for love

Entertainment Desk: Actress Pooja Banerjee has now become a well-known face in the industry. He is also very active in acting at the moment. Apart from Bengali industry, he also acted in several films and mega serials in Hindi. She gained most popularity from the serial Devo Ke Dev Mahadev, where she played the role of Parvati. Pooja has always been appreciated for her roles. Recently, he made his debut in the web world through a Bengali web series.

But not only for her acting career, but also for her personal life, she has been in the headlines for a long time. At a very young age he made a decision that he later regretted. He ran away from home when he was only 15 years old. As a result of which all relations with his family also ended from then on.

15 or 16 years old is very weak for any girl. At this age, many people make mistakes due to emotions. At the same age, Pooja Banerjee herself made the same mistake, which she later regretted. At that time he fell madly in love with someone.

So much so that he even took the big decision of running away from home for her. He ran away from home for his love when he got the chance, but in no time he learns that he has made a big mistake. At the same time, her family also became angry with the actress for taking such a step.

After the divorce in 2013, Pooja was only busy with work. But then Kunal Verma entered her life, who was Pooja’s co-star in the serial ‘Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna’. During the shooting of this serial, Kunal and Pooja came close to each other and started dating each other.

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Pooja and Kunal got married in 2020, but she gave birth to a son just 6 months after the wedding, which makes it clear that Pooja got pregnant before the wedding. Both Pooja and Kunal are currently active in acting. Now he has also done a lot of work in Bengali and South films.

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