Police did not allow Khalistani supporters to gather in front of the Indian Embassy in London

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Sundeep Sinha

22nd March 2023 8:45 pm

Personal Representative, London: Khalistani supporters ransacked the Indian embassy last Sunday to protest the arrest of Amritpal Singh, head of the ‘Warish Punjab De’ organization. Khalistani supporters gathered in front of the Indian embassy to protest again on Wednesday. But the protestors could not approach the embassy due to the obstruction of the police. They had to stand a few yards away from the embassy and protest by waving the flag.

The Delhi Police removed the security barricade in front of the British Embassy in Delhi this morning. And soon after that the London police created a flawless security ring around the Indian Embassy in London. New security barricades were installed. Additional police personnel were also deployed. There was no way to break that safety ring. In a video that has gone viral on social media, police personnel are seen surrounding the ‘Bharat Bhavan’, the Indian embassy in Aldwych, London. And the protestors are standing near the Indian embassy holding the Khalistani flag. London police officials are warning protesters not to break the barricades.

According to the sources of the Indian embassy, ​​there was no disruption in the work of the embassy as a result of the protest. Business as usual. However, the way Khalistanis are gathering to protest outside the embassy, ​​the embassy staff-officials are suffering from unknown fear. The top officials of the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi are being kept in touch at all times.

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