People were made to blow clay figures! That’s what Greek mythology says

Creation of man : Giving life to the statue made by mixing water with the earth, the history of the creation of man as described in Greek mythology…

Hundreds of legends, thousands of legends are found in the world’s ancient mythology. But perhaps there is no other mythology as rich and interesting as that of the Greeks. Over the centuries, this rich mythology has been developed layer by layer with the stories of various gods and heroes of the Greeks! The story of the city of Troy, the story of Olympus, the story of Cupid Venus and thousands of stories may be known to all of us. But today we will know the story of a human-loving deity, who did not even think for a second time to fall under the wrath of God for the welfare of people. Today’s report is about the god Prometheus.

Generally, in any popular religion or mythology, Gods are considered as the creators of the universe. Gods and Goddesses as the only original entities of creation are unwritten forever accepted. But in Greek mythology, these gods (Olympians) are believed to have existed before. The gods were born as their next generation. They are called Titans. The ancient Greeks believed that these titans created the universe. And one of these Titans was Kronos. Kronos’ children were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The gods were called ‘Olympians’ because they lived on Mount Olympus. It is said that the Titans ruled the universe until they lost a battle with Zeus and other Olympians. This Cronus’ brother’s son was named Prometheus. Prometheus was also one such titan.

According to mythology, a terrible battle took place between the Titans and the Olympians. That war is called the Titanomachy or the Great Cosmological War. Despite being a Titan in that battle, Prometheus sided with the Olympians. The Titans lost the battle, the Olympians won. Not only that, many Titans were wiped out after the battle, some Titans were thrown into the eternal fires of Tartarus Hell. Pleased with the actions of Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus during the war, Zeus, the king of the gods, rewarded the two brothers. By the power of Zeus Prometheus and Epimetheus were given the responsibility of creating all the creatures of the world.

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However, there was a special reason behind the names of these two titans. Prometheus thought first, acted later – hence the name ‘pro’ or ‘before’. On the other hand, Epimetheus was the complete opposite of his brother in character! Epimetheus acted on the spur of the moment, thinking later – hence the name ‘ep’ or ‘after’. Obviously, Prometheus is ahead of Epimetheus from the decisive point.

After coming to earth, Prometheus and his brother started to make different animals from different places. As mentioned earlier, Prometheus thought first and acted later. So instead of making simple animals like Epimetheus, he began to plan bigger. With the finest clay on earth and melting that clay in clear water, he began to make new creatures and gave them the form of gods. Prometheus named the new creation man. When man was made, Prometheus went to Olympus. The goddess of wisdom asked Athena to give life to her new creation. Goddess Athena came to mortals at the request of Prometheus. He came and breathed on the lifeless human body and breathed life into it. This is how human civilization was created. This myth is true, but life is definitely a big unanswered question.

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