Parineeti: Raghav Chadha is marrying Parineeti? There is a lot of speculation surrounding the dinner date of these two

Actress Parineeti Chopra and ‘AAP’ leader Raghav Chadha grabbed everyone’s attention on Thursday night. The two went on a dinner date quietly. Not only that, they went to have lunch the next day. And that picture was caught on the paparazzi’s camera. It is heard that they two (Raghav-Parineeti) are old friends. Both studied abroad together. Although Raghav is an alumnus of ‘London School of Economics’. But their going on this ‘date’ has raised new questions in everyone’s mind. Are they still just good friends? Or friendship has progressed towards love?

On Wednesday night, Raghav and Parineeti went to a hotel in Gurgaon for dinner. On Thursday afternoon, they were spotted once again at a restaurant in Bandra. Parineeti wore a black casual outfit, Raghav was also seen in a casual outfit. Again Parineeti and Raghav twinned in white shirts. The two spent a lot of time together while studying. Currently established actress Parineeti. Raghav Chadha is also the Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab MP in the Rajya Sabha. Both love travel. Both of them discussed a lot about international trips.

When reporters asked Raghav about this before entering the Parliament House on Friday, he said, ‘Ask me not about Parineeti, but about politics.’ If the journalists are not satisfied with this, the AAP leader said, ‘I will definitely let you know if Parineeti and I get married.’ But this time Raghav’s face was worth seeing. A smile like satisfaction, at the same time wanting to hide something. Netizens say that if this rumor was false, then Raghav would have said no directly. In other words, Raghav’s statement did not end the speculation. It was as if there was a wind in the sails.

Recently actress Swara Bhaskar and Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmed got married. Can Bollywood and politics join hands again? Will Parineeti walk the path of Swara? This is all speculation now. However, neither Parineeti nor Raghav have opened up about the matter. However, there is no saying ‘what is rote, how much it is.’

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