Pakistan’s financial crisis is getting worse

Pakistan’s financial crisis is increasing. In this situation, another tragic picture has been caught in the country. The truck is carrying wheat for Billy. Row after row of people are running behind him. A child was almost crushed under the wheels trying to get close to the truck. Saves for a while.

However, Ace News has not verified the authenticity of the video. The video was shared by Farran Jeffery, Deputy Director of ITCT, a British voluntary organization. Food crisis in Pakistan is at an extreme. The government has therefore made arrangements to distribute wheat. Wheat is being distributed from place to place. There are long lines every day to collect that wheat. Clashes are happening in different places in Pakistan based on this incident. Four people have lost their lives while collecting free wheat in Pakistan’s Punjab province in the last few weeks. Pakistan has approached the International Monetary Fund to deal with the financial crisis. IMF orders Pakistan to increase revenue. Meanwhile, the amount of subsidized wheat is also decreasing in Pakistan.

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