Online train ticket booking rules have changed, passengers will breathe a sigh of relief

Own report: Be it far or near, work or travel, every day more than half a million people of the country travel from one place to another depending on the train. That’s why in a country like India, Indian Railways is the life line of public transport. Various changes have been made by Indian Railways to streamline this lifeline and to strengthen safety and security measures.

Just like that, the Indian Railways (IRCTC) has brought a change in online ticket booking. There is no doubt that passengers will heave a sigh of relief with the changes brought about by irctc in online ticket booking.

Irctc has added another option on its website for seamless and secure payment services for online ticket booking. For this, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on behalf of the organization has entered into a partnership agreement with Izbaaz payment platform. This will result in seamless, secure payment services for booking tickets as well as faster payment and ticketing for passengers.

Izbaz said that they are proud to partner with IRCTC in their mission. They provide high quality travel experiences with consistently high levels of customer satisfaction Their payment solution platform is powered by a robust technology stack and designed to handle payments for high transaction volume businesses like ticket booking.

In this case, after viewing the train from the IRCTC app or website and providing all the details of the passengers, scroll down to where the payment option is and select Izbaaz. Credit card or debit card are two types of payment options available. Passengers can choose their preferred options. 58 paisa for debit card and 1 taka 47 paisa for credit card.

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