Now Credit Suisse Bank is in danger

shaky share issue that any in bangkok by drowning to give can Capital to increase United States Silicon Valley of the bank (SVB) initiative disaster caused that That’s it in proven now Besamal become fell Switzerland One of the financial Institution Credit swiss Bank.

past ১৫ march The bank aim by doing that, shaky Shareholders a lot damage to do can Saudi National Bank, this of the institution the most big shareholder. Saudi National Bank new fund to give rejection to inform after past on wednesday in one day of shares ৩০ percentage fall in price happens of the institution. The of the Economist In the report to say has been, Credit in swiss More any investment about question to do if Saudi of the bank Chairman’s response very one pleasant was no Investors money pick up for running Credit Swiss of shares the price his the minimum level And one quarter decreased other European Banks Also at the door strict moving A situation

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