No food, water! As women are enslaved, the experience of surviving will be shocking

Punjab Women Sold in Muscat: The 35 women who were kept in captivity were given the minimum amount of food a day so that no one dies of starvation.

30 thousand taka per month. Work means taking care of others, housework, maid duties etc. But have to go abroad, Oman. Scarcity leads to need, and the shadow of need is reckless demand. Daredevils bravely venture into labyrinths from which death can be seen very closely. As seen by a woman from a very ordinary family in Kapurthala, Punjab, falling into poverty and need was a terrible experience that stayed with her for life. Every description of how you spent your days, how you lived in Muscat, the capital of Oman, is thrilling. The slave system is not over yet, people are still traded by changing clothes. This woman from Punjab was also sold, forced into ‘immoral activities’.

This woman returned home after 2 months. In 2 months he has experienced at least 2 years of horror. On her return, she told The Indian Express that women from Punjab were being taken to Oman on the pretext of working as maids. But by going to that country, all the promises are changing. Instead of employment, these women are sold to local people and forced to do immoral work. So why are they not protesting even though they understand everything? The woman said that if she even tried to return home, she was threatened and beaten. Women are left without food for a long time if they resist.

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How did he fall into this cycle? His aunt sent the woman to Muscat on the pretext of work. 30 thousand rupees per month in exchange for work! And work is a caretaker of a local hospital. He came to Oman on March 16 with the dream of earning. There was a travel agent to take care of coming from Punjab to Oman. The woman again took 70,000 rupees from him for travel, passport, visa, all arrangements. It was through this travel agent that the woman, a resident of Punjab, was later sold to some locals in Muscat.

“When I went there on March 16, the agents there took my passport and phone and locked me in a room. I was not given any food. Later I found that 35 other women from Punjab were also detained there. I was with those women. When I asked the agents about the job of the caretaker at the hospital, they forced me to engage in immoral activities,” the woman told The Indian Express. She flatly refused to engage in any illegal, immoral activities. As a result, she was severely beaten up. .

He somehow called Mami while sitting there. In response, Mami said, it is good if you follow the instructions of the agents. He also gave the calculation of ‘Mangal’. The 35 women held in captivity were given the minimum amount of food a day so that no one died of starvation. At this time, despite knowing thousands of such news around, how did they blindly trust the agents of foreign countries! The woman said that she did not know that this happened. He never saw any news. Not aware of such incidents as he has no contact with social media either. He almost lost his life thinking about the future of his five-year-old daughter. To make happiness for his daughter, he agreed to leave his circle and go away to earn money.

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After nearly 2 months of hell Gulzar, the woman’s husband Hardeep Singh contacted Balbir Singh Sichwal on May 16. With the efforts of Rajya Sabha member Sant Balbir Singh Sichewal, the woman returned home within five days, healthy. Balbir Singh Sichwal took the initiative to return the woman to the country by contacting the Ministry of External Affairs. He said that such agents usually sign a two-year contract with these women, so even if they want to return, all resistance fails. Many people like this woman are still trapped in the mascot. Sold to others, forced to accept any job in exchange for survival, many still leave their homes and are stuck in distant Oman. No light of hope to return home could touch them yet.

Punjab Women and Child Development Minister Dr. Baljit Kaur said that the issue is very sensitive. According to him, the maids themselves want to go abroad but do not understand the conspiracy behind it. Don’t even know how they are taken abroad and exploited. Baljit Kaur said, we need to look at the main reason why these women want to go abroad. Agents are behind such work. So criminals should be caught first. Baljit also said that the government and NGOs should work together.

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