NITI Aayog Meet | Not the finance minister or the chief secretary, but the center informed the state at the policy meeting

NITI Aayog Meet | Not the finance minister or the chief secretary, but the center informed the state at the policy meeting

Kolkata: No state representative is attending the NITI Aayog meeting. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already announced that she will not attend the meeting. According to Navanna sources, the state representative was supposed to send a minister or a top bureaucrat. A letter was given to the center specifying the names of the three persons in this regard. But the central government has informed that the chief minister must attend the meeting. No one else will come. Because in all states the Chief Minister is a member of Niti Aayog. While the Niti Aayog meeting will continue in Delhi on Saturday, Mamata Banerjee will be busy with party meetings in Agra and Shalbani in Midnapore.

In the second week of this month, sitting in Navanna, the Chief Minister himself informed about his visit to Delhi. In the press conference, he said that he will attend the meeting of Niti Ayog at that time and raise the demands of the state. Later, however, Mamata canceled the decision to visit Delhi. The Chief Minister informed that he is not attending the Aayog meeting.

The opposition parties of the state protested against the chief minister’s absence from the NITI Aayog meeting in Delhi. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and state Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said on Friday that the Chief Minister should have gone to the NITI Aayog meeting. There was an opportunity to talk about the claims of the state. Adhir’s sarcasm, proxy does not work everywhere. In fact, it does not matter whether Mamata went to the market of the opposition in Delhi or not. Adhir said, Mamata will not get any importance in the situation of forming an alliance of opposition against Modi in Delhi. No one will take his opinion as seriously as before. Realizing this, he decided not to go to Delhi. The Trinamool leader is willing to go as far as Bihar, but not to Delhi.

If the Chief Minister attends the Niti Aayog meeting, there is a possibility that he will meet with the Chief Ministers of the anti-BJP states the very next day. The meeting may lead to discussions to fix the roadmap for the upcoming Lok Sabha. But despite the efforts to form an opposition alliance, due to various reasons, all the anti-BJP parties could not be brought to one table for discussion.

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