Mysterious light in the sky during the earthquake! Scientists told the real truth…

Earthquake Lights: A Twitter user shared a video during the earthquake. In that video, flashes of different colors of light are seen in the sky.

A large area of ​​Delhi-Himachal Pradesh has been shaken due to the terrible Hindu Kush earthquake in Afghanistan. The impact of the Afghanistan earthquake was felt across India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, scientists are thinking about a new issue. Just after the earthquake, a mysterious flash of light was seen in the sky. A video about that on Twitter is also quite viral. Earthquakes are related to the ground, but why such a mysterious light in the sky? According to scientists, this mysterious light is known as Earthquake Light (EQL). A Twitter user shared a video of the time of the earthquake. In that video, flashes of different colors of light are seen in the sky. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the video was taken after or before Tuesday night’s earthquake.

Scientists say, such a phenomenon is not new. Such scenes have been seen all over the world. But yes, the subject is mysterious. It is not clear why this happens. Further research is needed to obtain empirical data.

What exactly is the light of the earthquake?

The United States Geological Survey has termed earthquake lightning as sheet lightning, balls of light, streamers, and afterglows. There is no doubt that the matter is related to the earthquake. But there is no solid evidence to explain this mysterious phenomenon. Earthquake light can be seen before or during an earthquake, researchers said. But usually not seen after an earthquake.

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According to the USGS, some geophysicists believe that these unusual flashes of light during earthquakes and near epicenters are actually EQLs. Some people think that EQL is not so specific. Another section thinks that in some cases EQL matches this light, but not in all cases.

Seismological Society of America researchers showed in a 2014 paper that earthquake flares are more likely to occur near faults. Here electric currents flow rapidly to the surface under the stress of sub-vertical faults or cracks. According to the researchers, these lights are generated as a result of electrical charges. This charge becomes active in certain types of rock during an earthquake.

Rock crystals like basalt and gabbro have tiny cracks that give rise to electrical charges. The researchers also found that continental rifting played an important role in the 65 earthquakes they analyzed. The researchers analyzed earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 3.6 to 9.2, with 80 percent having magnitudes greater than 5.0.

The time and distance to the epicenter varies widely. Most EQLs occur before and/or during an earthquake, but very few occur after an earthquake. Deflection and stress can be responsible for the formation of EQL. These are faults or cracks and local stresses change rapidly during seismic wave flow. However, this phenomenon has not yet been fully proven. Scientists think that more research is needed on this mysterious phenomenon related to earthquakes.

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