Millions of dead fish floated in the river

International Desk: Millions of dead fish have washed up in the river in Menindi, New South Wales, Australia. On Friday (March 17) morning, residents found so many dead fish floating. BBC news.

The provincial river authority says that the Darling-Baka river has died due to the ongoing fire.

Locals say that they experienced such an incident three years ago. And this time what happened in the city is bigger than that incident.

In a Facebook post, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) said the blaze has created an extreme situation that has put additional pressure on the entire system.

Wildfires have become more regular due to man-made climate change. For the same reason, the fires are getting longer. Earth’s temperature has risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius since the beginning of the industrial age. If governments around the world do not reduce emissions of gases such as carbon, temperatures will continue to rise.

Grammy McRab, a resident of Menindi town, told the BBC that dead fish had been washed up along 30 kilometers of the river. He termed the incident as surreal.

He said, the locals think that more fish will die. Because the dead fish are decomposing, they are drawing more oxygen from the water.

About five hundred people live in this town in western New South Wales. The Darling-Baka River is part of the Murray Darling Basin, Australia’s largest river system.

The New South Wales DPI says the death toll has angered locals. Temperatures in Menindi are expected to reach 41 degrees on Saturday.

Local resident Grammy McRab said the town is dependent on the Darling-Baka River for water supply. We use river water for washing and bathing. Now people can no longer use river water for their needs.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority says the river’s water is used for agriculture, industry and people’s daily activities. And this is why less water is flowing in the river.

Source: BBC

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