Mecca on a train! India is on the way to achieve the impossible for the pilgrims…

Train to Mecca from India for Haj: Pilgrims will have ample space inside the train to move around, recline and perform religious rituals.

Every year, millions of Muslim devotees from around the world go on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. If the Muslims of India want to go to Hajj, naturally, there is no speed except by plane. The pilgrimage to Mecca has traditionally involved air travel. But airplane is one of the most expensive means of transportation and it is not possible for everyone to travel by airplane. Do not go to Hajj once in a lifetime? Hajjatra is going to be easier and affordable this time. Although it seems surprising to hear at first, even if you don’t want to believe it, it is true that the people of India can travel directly to Hajj on a single train! Direct train service from India to Saudi Arabia is about to start.

How is this direct train service possible?

The idea of ​​direct Hajj travel by train came after extensive discussions on rail infrastructure projects between India, the United States, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The aim of the talks was to improve transport systems and enhance connectivity between the countries involved. The proposal received wide response because of its potential to facilitate Hajj for Indian Muslims.

What benefits will the train passengers get?

India to Saudi Arabia direct train services have different aspects. With the success of high-speed train projects in various countries, the advancement of railway technology, traveling from India to Saudi Arabia by a single train no longer seems unbelievable. The high-speed train specially designed for Hajj pilgrims is going to change the meaning of Hajj journey.

How about the cost?

The introduction of direct train services will drastically reduce the cost for Indian pilgrims for Hajj. Air travel is often very expensive during the pilgrimage season. As a result, it becomes a huge problem for common people to raise so much money to go on pilgrimage. Trains are always affordable, train fares are less than flights. That is why trains have always been a trusted and popular mode of transportation for people.

What are the advantages of this long-distance train?

Trains are going to be more spacious and comfortable than airplanes. The train will have ample space for pilgrims to move around, recline and perform religious rituals during the journey. There will be adequate rest facilities so that the long journey is not a hardship.

Train journeys increase social interaction, creating sources of conversation among train passengers. The experience of traveling to the same place together by train also builds a bridge of trust between the pilgrims. Sharing each other’s situations, each other’s stories, each other’s problems even for a short time, friendships are formed, or the experience becomes a future achievement.

How much travel time will be reduced?

The exact travel time for a direct train journey from India to Saudi Arabia depends on factors such as railway infrastructure and train speed. However, high-speed trains can significantly reduce train travel times compared to air travel.

What is the problem?

While the concept of direct train service for Hajj travel from India to Saudi Arabia is popular, there are also problems with shadowing. Building the rail infrastructure to connect India and Saudi Arabia requires considerable investment and extensive planning. Issues such as land acquisition, line design and cooperation between countries will play an important role in the success of the project.

The railway will pass through some of the world’s toughest terrains. Gangane deserts, plateaus and mountain ranges – all the train passengers have to pass through. Crossing the rugged terrain of Iran’s Balochistan and Zagros Mountains is going to be a big challenge. It remains to be seen how much trouble the scorching heat of the Arabian desert will cause for the railways.

The movement of passengers across international borders is complicated. Border control procedures need to be simplified and streamlined for smooth running of direct train services

Ensuring the safety of passengers throughout this Hajj is paramount. Strong security measures should be implemented in trains and stations for the protection of pilgrims.

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