‘May the sanctity of Ramadan purify everyone’s body and mind’

Entertainment desk: Ramadan, the month of fasting, has come. Fasting is starting in Bangladesh from Friday (March 24). Actor Zayed Khan wished the people of Ramadan before the start of fasting.

He wrote on social media, ‘Wishing everyone a blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah grant us all the grace to fast and pray regularly.’ Nayak also added a picture of praying in that post.

In response to Zayed’s greetings, many wrote ‘Amen’ in the comments section. So far more than 5000 responses and 600 comments have been received.

Apart from this, one person wrote, ‘May Allah guide those who troll the beloved hero.’

Another wrote, ‘May the sanctity of Ramadan purify everyone’s body and mind, Amen.’

Another wrote, ‘May Allah bless you all with a healthy fast, Ameen.’

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