Martinez’s celebration returned to Argentina

Sports Desk: Argentina, the champion of the football world stage, is back at home. And so there is no shortage of joy for Le Albiceleste supporters. After the World Cup in Qatar, this is the first time coach Lionel Scaloni’s disciples have entered the field. Argentina won 2-0 in a friendly match against Panama wearing the ‘three star’ jersey.

Argentina fans went wild during a FIFA friendly at El Monumental in Buenos Aires on Friday. On this day, almost every moment of the party is remembered in different ways. At this time, Argentina’s goalkeeper Martinez criticized the celebration on the world stage.

The Argentine goalkeeper also won the Golden Gloves after winning the World Cup in Qatar. He celebrated with the award just in front of his waist while taking it on stage, although this did not go down well with many football fans. That’s why the world’s best goalkeeper has heard many echoes from the critics about the celebrations that went beyond the limits of obscenity.

Although the matter was later revealed to the media by the Argentine goalkeeper. He claimed that this will not happen again.

But Martinez’s words no longer hold. After the victory against Panama, the entire Argentina team broke down in celebration. Martínez was joined by Marcos Acuna, Guido Rodriguez, Erman Petzella and Jeronimo Rulli. All five of them joined in the celebration with the World Stage replica trophy hoisted in front of their waist.

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Supporters in the viewing gallery also enjoyed it. And this celebration of Argentines instantly went viral on social media. But Martinez insists, it was not done to belittle anyone, it was done again at the request of the supporters.

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